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buster_blade's Journal

Zack Wylde
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  • buster_blade@livejournal.com
Name: Zack Wylde (last name made up)
Age: 21
Appearance: Black spikeish hair, almost shoulder length, lean build.
Personality: He's easy going and relaxed by nature. He can have his serious
moments, but it can be hard to piss him off, especially if you're a female.
He loves the ladies, and is good at making them feel
comfortable...basically, he's a charmer. He's also loyal and has a pretty
solid head on his shoulders, though sometimes he can be ditzy, but it's
extremely rare for him to be that way. Overall he's outgoing and cool to be
around, usually lifting the moods of others with his wit and mannerisms.
Background: (Some of this I made up to give his life before SOLDIER an
explanation) SOLDIER, First Class, hailing from Gongaga. As a child, he was
a gifted athlete and always kept himself in shape, deciding that he wanted
more to his life than living in the run down town. When he was sixteen, he
put it in his mind to train to join SOLDIER, his parents backing him up the
entire way. He eventually tried for it, quickly rising in the ranks with his
trusty Buster sword, soon acheiving First Class and going on missions with
the Great Sephiroth.

His strength only increased, and one day he met a young man named Cloud
Strife. They quickly became friends, Zack always giving him tips on how to
look and act cool. After the Nibelheim incident, Zack helped Cloud escape
from some tubes they were placed in for several years and they made it to
the edge of Midgar when they were attacked. Zack protected Cloud, the blonde
completely out of it. He fought off the attackers at first, until he checked
on Cloud and was caught off guard, getting shot to death for it.

The soldiers left his dead body next to Cloud, who they assumed to be dead

Now, years later, he has come back to life, the Jenova cells in his body not
allowing him to die. After searching around, he finds himself in Desai,
looking for familiar faces. Aeris, Tifa....but mostly Cloud. He knows Cloud
is alright, but....he still worries for his friend.

And Tifa is hot!